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"Discover the Adventure of Parallel 54 - Where Every Journey Is Unforgettable!"

September 7, 2024, is RACE DAY

Welcome to Parallel 54 Adventures! Our race is the perfect way to get outdoors and enjoy nature with your family. With our three-part Bike-Paddle-Run race, you will be challenged, have fun and explore the beautiful area around us.

The course takes you along the most beautiful trails and waterways of the region, giving you the opportunity to take in the stunning scenery while having an unforgettable experience. Join us this summer and discover the joy of racing in nature!

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Race Info

The answers you need for race day

Kapâwinihk Wilderness Triathlon.

What is Kapâwinihk ? - Kapâwinihk is Cree for Athabasca Landing.

The race will start at the Athabasca River Front. You will be travelling down the Athabasca River. During this time, you will be on two different treaty lands: Treaty 6 and Treaty 8. 

What is this race all about? 

This multi-sport race can be done as a solo or team of two or three.​

  • Cross-country bike ride in the Muskeg Creek trails. This ride is fun! If you are looking for a challenge, the climbs are there for you. If you are looking for fun, the downhills will have your hair blowing in the wind.

  • Paddle down the Athabasca River. This is where you can push your hardest and race or enjoy the ride.

  • Run in the River Meadows RV Park trail system, crossing creeks, logs, and hill climbs. 

Race Distances and options

All race categories can be done solo, in a team of two or in a team of three. We encourage everyone of all ages and abilities to take part. The one stipulation is that the person on the river must be at least 13 years old. 

You have an option for the paddle section to use a canoe, kayak or paddleboard. Teams taking part in the canoe option can have two people in the canoe. 

Standard distances (for all race categories - canoe-kayak-paddleboard) 

  • 20KM Bike - 8 KM Paddle - 10 KM trail run

Sprint distance (for all race categories - canoe-kayak-paddleboard) 

  • 10KM Bike - 8 KM Paddle - 6.5 KM trail run

** All distances are subject to mother nature**

What is all included?

  • Custom brew beer from our friends at Dog Island Brewing

  • Pre-race snacks and excellent post-race food. That's right...we will have our famous Wilderness Balls and homemade cookies ready for you! 

  • Awesome SWAG​​

  • Aid stations on all legs, On-site medical

  • Local hand-made finisher medal

  • Best finish line social/BBQ

  • Camping is available right at the finish line and is included in your registration fee at River Meadow RV Park.

  • A great day enjoying our small town and meeting people

Race Day

We will meet at the Athabasca River Front on Saturday, September 7, 2024. 

Race layout - Bike-Paddle-Run

08:30 - 9:50 am - Race check-in

10:00 - Standard race start

10:15 - Sprint race start 

12:00 - Cut-off time, all participants must be on the river

14:00 - Cut-off time for all paddlers. All participants must be off the water

All bikes left will be placed in a locked trailer for a later pick-up. A ride will be available for solo participants from the finish line back to town.

Get in Touch

Athabasca, Alberta


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